Emmy Award-winning “Miami Boheme: An American Musical Journey”, directed by Joe Cardona and Ralf Gonzalez, is an hour-long PBS documentary about Miami’s original Latin-fusion bands and the cutting-edge scene surrounding them. The film takes you to the clubs, where the beats of bands such as Spam Allstars, Locos Por Juana, Suénalo, PALO!, Elastic Bond and Afrobeta get you dancing.

The film is a bilingual mashup of rhythms and cultures. It is a one-hour jam session like no other: a fusion of sights, sounds and ideas that meld together to form the fabric of America’s most dynamic city, Miami.

Miami Boheme has aired several times on WPBT2 South Florida, and Rhode Island PBS. Contact us to arrange an airing on your local PBS station. The film has also garnered a Best In Show Aurora Award and two Telly Awards.


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